Albuquerque to Ukraine Benefit Exhibition

Opening Reception: Saturday, May 7, 5-7 PM.
Exhibition dates: May 2 – August 20, 2022

The Inpost Artspace is pleased to announce the upcoming Albuquerque to Ukraine Benefit Exhibition.

The war in Ukraine has killed thousands, injured countless more, and displaced millions (mostly women and children). Albuquerque to Ukraine is an effort to support and build the local and global community. While cultivating community connections, this exhibition also seeks to demonstrate the potential of art to contribute to tangible change. Several works relate directly to the conflict and express a sense of resistance, disgust, and hope. Participating artists include Ellen Babcock, Rita Bard, Matthew Bollinger, Ivan Boyd, Tom Brown, Claire Coté, Chris Easley, Lindsey Fromm, Jonathan Hartshorn, Mark Horst, Julianna Kirwin, and Tim Reed.

Over 20 works will be available for sale ranging in price from $78 – $800. Each sale of artwork will be split 50% (or more if the artist chooses) between the artist and the non-profit aid organization, Direct Relief. Works will also be available for purchase at our an online shop.

Direct Relief is a humanitarian aid organization active in the United States and 80 countries around the world and has operated continuously since 1948. Direct Relief is working with Ukraine’s Ministry of Health and other groups in the region to provide requested medical aid—from oxygen concentrators to critical care medicines—while preparing to offer longer-term assistance to people displaced or affected by the war. 100% of all donations for specific emergencies are devoted entirely to those responses.

Ambos Lados – a print exchange between artists on both sides of the US Mexico border.

Inpost Artspace Reception

Saturday, February 5th, 5-7pm

(Exhibition Dates: January 24- April 29, 2022)

 Curated by Chandler Wigton and Lacey Chrisco, Ambos Lados is an exhibition of 158 prints from artists in 6 countries, primarily Mexico and the United States, including 18 artists from New Mexico and several Albuquerque artists.

Ambos Lados, which translates as “both sides” in Spanish emerged out of a print exchange organized on both sides of the border by Manuel Guerra, Director of Horned Toad Prints in El Paso and Adrian Aguirre and Beatriz Rivas of Taller Gráfica Libre in Zaachila, Oaxaca. The prints and larger project emphasize the unity of artists and peoples across the political border of the United States and Mexico.  While there was no set theme for the exchange, many of the works explore political and social issues, specifically the border, while others are contemplative, humorous, or abstract. The print exchange, organized in 2018, was unjuried and open to anyone who wished to participate, the only rule for the exchange was a uniform print size. The prints included in the show utilize a range of printing techniques including lithographs, serigraphs, relief, and intaglio. Egalitarian in nature, the project connected artists from a range of professional, ethnic, and geographic backgrounds and the exhibition puts these perspectives in conversation. The prints emphasize how artistic expression is a unifying force across different kinds of borders and divides.

An accompanying catalog will be available for purchase at the Outpost or on amazon.

Landscape Retrospective: From Film to Digital and Infrared Imaging | The Photography of Jim Gale

Artist Statement – Jim Gale

My love of photography began when I was about 12 years old, learning to develop and print B&W in a school art class. For years I used my grandma’s old range-finder camera and by the time I was in high school, I had built a small darkroom in the basement. Throughout college, I worked as a free-lance photographer to help pay the bills, along with being the college paper photography editor for 3 years (the Stylus at SUNY Brockport). As editor, we had complimentary tickets to all music shows on campus, which became my first experience with photographing live music shows. At the end of college, I was at a crossroads. I was considering local jobs in photojournalism. However, many professional photographers I had met advised me that it would be tough to make a living, especially if you valued things like health insurance or retirement savings. In the end, I decided I loved photography too much to try and make a living with it. This allowed me freedom to pursue only projects I cared about, on my own terms and those ‘projects’ boiled down to nature and music. My parents were both music lovers (Dad played classical piano, even with a damaged finger from the Korean war) and Mom found a used copy of “The Complete Backpacker” (Collin Fletcher), which soon motivated my first 4-day solo backpacking adventure at 14 years old. One summer, while in college, I had saved enough money (barely) to hike the entire 2000 mile Appalachian Trail, and since then, my passion for backpacking has evolved into a passion for documenting my adventures so that I could preserve and capture the details and the beauty I saw through my lens. It still amazes me how much a single image from 40 years ago can bring back vivid memories I thought I had forgotten.

After college, I went to graduate school and earned a PhD in Biochemistry and Biophysics at Washington State University (1987). Since then, I have worked as a Molecular Biologist, and currently design and implement new oncology/genetic tests at Tricore as part of the Assay Development team. Moving out west also offered me the opportunity to learn white water rafting and kayaking.

I really had not gotten back into music photography until I moved to Albuquerque and discovered the Outpost! After my first show at the old Morningside location, I was hooked! Although my taste in music is very eclectic, I was drawn deeper into the beauty, improvisation and creativity of Jazz. Since I could never afford all the shows I wanted to see, I approached Tom about an exchange of my show photographs for free admittance. This arrangement as the volunteer “house photographer” has now lasted over 23 years! At this point, there are few (if any) other clubs or performance spaces that have such a complete and extensive photographic documentation.

I now have been giving the opportunity to show some of my landscape work at the Outpost which features a mix of old film (and infrared film in 4×5 sheet size) and newer digital work. Most of the photographs are from New Mexico and the Southwest. The large B&W images were some of the last I developed and printed in my garage darkroom, and while I have embraced digital, I find there is something unique and beautiful about the analog film/print that is hard to reproduce in digital.

Please note: Since we are still working mostly remotely, we ask that you make an appointment to view the exhibition. Please email us at to arrange a time.

Inpost Artspace Reception: Future Makers: Art by students of Albuquerque Charter High Schools

Come celebrate the strength and individuality of these young artists, each selected for their talent and bold creativity. Hailing from Albuquerque Charter Schools including Explore Academy, Amy Biehl High School, and Media Arts Collaborative Charter School, these emerging artists are diverse learners and leaders who demonstrate the intellectual, social, and ethical habits to improve their communities. A range of works expressing personal style and varied media champions the power of personal choice and hands-on experiential learning.

Exhibition Dates: April 1-May 16

Reception: Friday, April 3, 6-8pm

Inpost Artspace Reception: Deep Research: Drawings, Collages, and Paintings by Peter Voshefski

Albuquerque-based artist Peter Voshefski presents his epic studies about the relationship between landscape, ecological systems, and imagination, seeming to illustrate a non-sequential narrative of the mythology of Life and Earth. Installations of mysteriously painted abstract textural substances interact with delicate micro-drawings, while trees, creatures and other entities interconnect within a fanciful network of individual units. FREE!

Exhibition Dates: January 27-March 28

Artist Reception:  Friday, February 7, 6-8pm

First Friday Artscrawl— Inpost Artspace Reception: Cold Sweat— work by Rita Bard, Loc Huynh, and Laura Wacha

Cold Sweat is a three-person exhibition of new work by Rita Bard (Santa Fe, NM), Loc Huynh (Denton, TX), and Laura Wacha (Bernardo, NM). In uncertain times such as these, humor is a tool that can give us relief while simultaneously sharpening one’s critical engagement with a subject. All three artists in this exhibition employ humor to engage with a pastiche of considerable topics: Comics, Pop art, theater, television, interpersonal dynamics, politics, and popular culture are but a few references that come to mind when viewing the work of the these highly energetic and colorful artists. The writer Kimberly Drew states, “anxiety is the opposite of freedom. Anxiety is like wading in fear. We’re all buoyed by what we have and what we’re willing to do to keep it. And there’s a fine line between inner peace and ignorance.” These artists, like us, are dealing with personal and collective anxieties, and through their individualized freedom of expression, they help both artist and viewer grapple with both complex and mundane issues.

Exhibition dates: October 27, 2019-February 1, 2020

First Friday Artscrawl: Inpost Artspace Reception: FLOW RIDING EDGE WHISPRS: WORK BY timothy jason reed

A dynamic selection of abstract drawings and paintings by Santa Fe-based artist timothy jason reed, who describes his work as “…whispers and rhythms…ideas and inspirations, gently inviting you into their dance / swimming with the song of your gaze.” Born in 1976, reed was raised in Tongva land (Southern California) and has been living and working around po’oge (Santa Fe) for approximately ten years. His large paintings present powerful evidence of a self-imposed challenge to connect to a creative “flow state” directly influenced by an intensely productive and enlightening drawing practice. This astonishing work is intuitive, vibrant, and kaleidoscopic, while earnestly uniting with deeper channels of collective consciousness.

Exhibition Dates: August 19- October 26

Artist Reception: First Friday ARTScrawl, Friday, September 6, 5 – 7pm

Exhibition may be viewed during the reception, Outpost performances, box office hours, (M-F 2-5:30pm), and by appointment. Gallery is FREE of charge.

Ranging Conversation: Artwork by Edgar Sorrells-Adewale

The Inpost Artspace’s Summer/New Mexico Jazz Festival exhibition features Ranging Conversation: Artwork by Edgar Sorrells-Adewale. Spanning 1985 to the present, this body of work interacts with, and mixes, various materials. Sorrells-Adewale states, “I view art-making as similar to wide ranging conversations with friends. Sometimes a certain musical tune inspires a way to develop an idea”. The work in Ranging Conversation includes mixed-media paintings, sculptural forms using various materials, graphite drawings and large paper collages. Edgar Sorrells-Adewale was born in Philadelphia, PA and received his BS degree from Morgan State College (now University), Baltimore, MD, as well as an MFA from Pennsylvania State University, State College, PA. He has taught in the art departments of Howard University, Washington, DC, Cheyney State College (now University), Cheyney, PA and Santa Fe Community College, Santa Fe, NM. His work has been exhibited nationally and internationally in venues that include U.S. Ambassador Reddick’s residence in Niamey, Niger, West Africa, various European sites in connection with the Arts America Program, USIA arranged exhibition, “Crossing Over, Changing Places”, The Smithsonian Institution, Washington, DC, The Emerson Gallery, McLean Project for the Arts, McLean VA, The Studio Museum of Harlem, New York, NY, and many more. He currently works and lives with his wife Raine, a basket weaver, in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Exhibition Dates: Exhibition Dates: May 28, 2019 –August 17

Artist Reception: Sunday, July 21 | 2 – 4pm

Exhibition may be viewed during the reception, Outpost performances, box office hours, (M-F 2-5:30pm), and by appointment. Gallery is FREE of charge.

Inpost Print 2019


The Inpost Artspace is pleased to announce Inpost Print 2019.  Exhibiting artists are Christine Adams, Eryn Bathke, Stefan Batista, Diana Cervantes, Elena Carrasco, Linda Davidson, Jessica Gross, Calliandra Hermanson, Julianna Kirwin, Kathleen Keaveny, Louis Ocepek, Ben Shoenburg, Larry Schulte, and Robbie Sugg.  Printmaking techniques include Monotype, Serigraphy, Lithography, Woodcut, Collograph, Etching, Relief and Chin Collé.

The Inpost Artspace is a nonprofit venue housed with the Outpost Performance Space, which hosts internationally recognized musicians.  We have been presenting visual art exhibits since 1996. The duality of the space increases the visibility of the artwork to a broader audience and creates dialogue between visual and performing arts communities.

Exhibition Dates: Monday, April 1, 2019 – Friday, May 25, 2019

Artist Reception: First Friday ARTScrawl, May 3, 2019 // 5 – 7pm

Exhibition may be viewed during the reception, Outpost performances, box office hours, (M-F 2-5:30pm), and by appointment. Gallery is FREE of charge.

Inpost Artspace Reception: Adjacent Possible | Artwork by Isadora Stowe

Artist Reception:   Friday, March 15, 2019 / 5 – 7pm

The Inpost Artspace is pleased to announce Adjacent Possible, a selection of monotypes created while in residence at Vermont Studio Center in Johnson, Vermont by Isadora Stowe.  Additionally, each monotype is layered with spray-paint, stencils, collage and abstracted topographical map drawings.  The maps are connected and separated areas of the southwest borders of New Mexico, Texas and Mexico. Stowe’s work explores identity and space construction, real or imagined. She is interested in the ideas of place and cultural constructions and states, “maps are established to show us where we are, but when made ambiguous, a sense of direction can be lost and questions about our own constructions of where and who we are surface”.  The title of the show, Adjacent Possible,references Steven Johnson’s description in which he illuminates the adjacent possible as “the kind of future, hovering on the edges of the present state of things, mapped in which the present can reinvent itself…”.

Isadora Stowe is a multi-media artist and arts lecturer whose work focuses on the narrative of environment translated and coded into complex psychological landscapes. Stowe grew up in the southwest border region, living and working in New Mexico, Texas and Mexico. She credits these experiences for providing a heightened awareness of geographical and political boundaries; and a fascination with the exploration of identity of self in her work. Stowe earned her BFA in Painting with a double major in Cultural Anthropology, a minor in Native American Studies and an MFA in Painting & Drawing at New Mexico State University. She exhibits her work widely and is represented in many collections across the country and in Mexico.

Exhibition Dates:   Monday, January 28, 2019 – March 30, 2019

The exhibition may be viewed during the reception, Outpost performances, box office hours, (M-F 2-5:30pm), and by appointment. The Inpost Artspace Gallery is FREE of charge.

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