Booking at Outpost

Outpost booking comes about through a combination of suggestions, artists’ solicitations, co-sponsorships, conceptual suggestions and so on. Booking decisions are made not only on the basis of quality, but also on the basis of having a varied and balanced program. We are open to your thoughts, criticisms and suggestions. If you would like to be considered for booking by Outpost, send a publicity packet to Outpost Productions at PO Box 4543, Albuquerque, NM 87196 or via email to Outpost Director Tom Guralnick at <>. And if you have ideas about Outpost booking, co-productions, etc., please feel free to contact Tom Guralnick about that as well. It’s the combination of choice, chance, persistence, patience, inspiration, confluence that makes things happen here at Outpost.

Renting Outpost

The Outpost Performance Space is heavily booked with Outpost programs all year long. That said, subject to availability and other considerations, The Space may be rented at reasonable rates, by individual performers, producers/presenters, teachers, and so on, for performances, classes, recitals, lectures, workshops, receptions, etc. at any time during the year. Call us at 268-0044 for information. Or better yet, email Tom Guralnick at <> and put “Outpost Rental Inquiry” in the subject line.

The Outpost