Outpost Scholarship Programs

Thanks to the generosity of Keith Gilbert, Douglas Mulligan, Arlen Asher, the City of Albuquerque Cultural Services Department and City Councilor Rey Garduño, as well as other individuals and organizations in the community, many kids are able to attend our programs at little or no cost. In addition each student in the classes is given a gift certificate to be used towards the price of admission at an Outpost concert of their choice. Last but not least, we now able to award annual scholarships totaling $2,000 (one of which is the Keith Gilbert Scholarship, one which is given In Tribute to David Parlato, and the latest scholarship, instituted in the fall of 2011 by Arlen Asher in memory of his wife, and our friend, Jo Asher— The Arlen Asher Jazz Scholarship: In Memory of Joetha Callison Asher) to deserving students — some of whom are leaving the Outpost Educational Program and moving on to their next exciting stage in life and learning. These awards will be made each year in August.

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