Coming Up at the Space: Saxophonist Immanuel Wilkins Quartet (3/30) – Sold Out!; Roust the House/Rock 101 Academy Teen Performance Night (3/31); & More!

Happy official rainy spring! And the Outpost Spring 2023 continues with more fantastic music! Coming up next week, we welcome the young rising star saxophonist/composer Immanuel Wilkins Quartet (3/30) followed by the return of  Roust The House Teen Performance Night which is back after 3 years and in a new partnership with Rock 101 Music Academy! That show is Friday March 31!  Then, in April – so much to look forward to! Dino’s Safe Haven Concert Serries featuring the Chacon/Nakatani/Santistevan Trio (4/6); Aaron Goldberg’s We ARE (4/9); Glenn Kostur & Hillary Smith Celebrate Cannonball Adderley & Nancy Wilson (4/13); AfroMundo Festival 2023 (4/14 & 15); and more more more! Check it all out on our Schedule Page and get your tickets early! Many shows are selling out in advance!

Also, we just added a new show – Eliza Gilkyson – CD Release Concert, Saturday, June 24 at Outpost, presented in partnership with our friends at AMP Concerts! Eliza celebrates the release of her new, upcoming album, Home. Tickets now on sale!

AND . . .Spring Session Classes begin on April 3! Sign up today!

We are also still taking donations for our 3rd Annual Outpost Record Sale Fundraiser on April 29. If you’ve been wondering what you might do with your old vinyl collection (or even a portion of it), consider donating it to Outpost! We will accept CDs, all kinds of vinyl, books on music, sheet music, etc. (all must be in good condition and suitable for resale, and all will be curated. To arrange for delivery or pick up (in the case of large collections), call Outpost (505-268-0044).

We look forward to sharing all the great music, art and more with you this spring!


Inpost Artspace Reception: Abstraction in Albuquerque: Six Artists

Reception: Saturday, March 4, 5-8pm

Exhibition dates: March 1 – May 31, 2023

A group exhibition featuring Lucy Maki, Min Che, Kim Arthun, Bryce Hample, Abdiel Beltrán, and Robbie Sugg.

This exhibition explores some of the different ways artists in Albuquerque are using ideas of abstraction in their work.  A variety of artistic methods including painting, collage, and drawing will be on display and in dialogue with one another.  In 1991, the Kimo theater hosted an exhibition called Abstraction in Albuquerque: Five Artists.  The forthcoming exhibition at the Inpost Artspace is an update, continuation, and connection back to that time and place.  How have things changed and how have they stayed the same?  Where is there continuity and where is there new invention?  Some of these artists are long time Albuquerque residents, contributing to the art scene here for decades.  Others are fairly new to this beautiful and thriving artistic community.  It’s with great excitement that they are presented all together at the Inpost Artspace. Abstraction in Albuquerque: Six Artists explores the multifaceted and ever evolving concepts of abstraction in art and celebrates the abstract art community in Albuquerque.

Count Down to the New Year! Have You Made Your Year-End Donation Yet?! Help Outpost Make 2023 The Best Year Yet!

Well, it was a great season at the Outpost (and beyond!) and we thank all of you for coming out and supporting live music and art and learning! And the music hasn’t stopped, it’s just on pause while we all enjoy the holiday season and get all our affairs in order for the start of a new year! We have a great Spring Season 2023 planned for you and, as always, we’re excited to share it all with you! We’ll be posting shows and events as they are confirmed, so stay tuned!

Meanwhile, in order to make it all keep happening, we need your support! We’re in the middle of our Outpost Year End Fundraising Appeal – Season’s Pleadings ~ and so far we’re doing really well, thanks to to all your donations so far THANK YOU! Season’s Pleadings is our most important appeal for support each year, when your 100% tax deductible gift to Outpost makes the greatest impact!! Our Spring 2023 season, which as always includes our Jazz & Latin Music Classes, art exhibits at the Inpost Artspace and more, will open in late February and it’s going to be another exciting one  – all made possible with your support! Some of the concert highlights include: Mark Guiliana Jazz Quartet; Alfredo Rodriguez & Pedrito Martinez; Immanuel Wilkins Quartet; Dino’s Safe Haven Concert Series— Chacon/Nakatani/Santistevan Trio; Aaron Goldberg’s We ARE w. Eric Harland & Reuben Rogers; AfroMundo Festival— Aurelio Martinez; Chris Botti; Annual Record Sale Fundraiser; Geoff Muldaur; Edward Simon & Magos Herrera— Femeninas Songs of Latin American Women; Django Festival Allstars & MUCH MORE! Let’s keep it all happening and swinging! If you can make a donation for our Year-End Fundraiser, we truly appreciate it! Here’s how:  ONLINE on the OUTPOST WEBSITE; Or send a check to Outpost Productions Inc, PO Box 4543, ABQ, NM 87196.

Winter Jazz & Latin Music Classes start January 16 and you can register now!


25 Years of Jazz at Outpost and the New Mexico Jazz Festival: Photographs by Jim Gale

Exhibit Curated by Mark Weber

Music by Dogbone featuring Jefferson Voorhees & Micah Hood

Opening Reception: Saturday, October 8, 5-7 PM.
Exhibition Dates: September 8, 2022-February 24, 2023

To close out the 2022 New Mexico Jazz Festival, the Inpost Artspace hosts a special photography exhibition celebrating the work of longtime Outpost photographer Jim Gale, who, over the past 25-plus years, has generously taken thousands of photos at Outpost concerts and events, capturing Outpost’s musical history in a memorable collection of images. We asked poet, photographer, jazz historian, longtime KUNM Jazz DJ and Outpost member Mark Weber to Guest Curate this show. Mark writes:

Jim’s pictures are reminders that culture is worth saving —- The world moves on, but we have these photographs —- elegant and precise —- Taken as a whole they are about remembering —- And this thing of creativity —- Jazz attracts, if you give it time it grows on you —- Jim’s shots are spirit arrows —- Memories like monsoon cloud formations.

Jim Gale on Jim Gale:

My love of photography began when I was about 12 years old, learning to develop and print B&W in a school art class. For years I used my grandma’s old range-finder camera. By the time I was in high school, I had built a small darkroom in the basement. Throughout college, I worked as a free-lance photographer to help pay the bills, along with being the college paper photography editor for 3 years (the Stylus at SUNY Brockport). As editor, we had complimentary tickets to all music shows on campus, which became my first experience with photographing live music shows. At the end of college, I was at a crossroads. I was considering local jobs in photojournalism. However, many pro photographers I had meet advised me that it would be tough to make a living, especially if you valued things like health insurance or retirement savings. In the end, I decided I loved photography too much to try and make a living with it. This allowed me freedom to pursue only projects I cared about, on my own terms. This boils down to both nature and music. My parents were both music lovers (Dad played some classical piano, even with a damaged finger from the Korean war). Mom found a used copy of The Complete backpacker (Collin Fletcher) which soon motivated my first 4-day solo backpack at 14 years old. One summer in college, I had saved enough money (barely) to hike the entire 2000-mile Appalachian Trail in one long summer (also solo). This has evolved to documenting my adventures to preserve some of the details and try to capture some of the beauty I have seen. It still amazes me how much a single image from 40 years ago can still bring back vivid memories I thought I had forgotten.

I really had not gotten back into music photography until I moved to Albuquerque and discovered the Outpost! After only my first show at the old Morningside location, I was hooked! Although my taste in music is very eclectic, I was drawn deeper into the beauty, improvisation and creativity of Jazz. Since I could never afford all the shows I wanted to see, I approached Tom about an exchange of my show photographs for free admittance. This arrangement as the volunteer “house photographer” has now lasted over 23 years now. At this point, there are few (if any) other clubs or performance spaces that have such a complete and extensive photographic documentation.

Music by Dogbone. The New Mexico duo features the percussive ingenuity of Jefferson Voorhees (drums, percussion, bells, gongs, whistles) and the versatility of Micah Hood (trombone, flutes, talking drum, electronics) who together create unbounded, improvised soundscapes and grooves. Their creative improvisations are inspired by the duo’s collected experiences performing art rock, electronic music, funk, free jazz, fusion, African and Caribbean rhythmic music, and South American sounds. DogBone’s music freely and unabashedly conjoins these influences into one-of-a-kind soundscapes, textures, and grooves for audiences to enjoy. The duo has performed in art galleries and contemporary music festivals in New Mexico, and have released three full-length albums.

Albuquerque to Ukraine Benefit Exhibition

Opening Reception: Saturday, May 7, 5-7 PM.
Exhibition dates: May 2 – August 20, 2022

The Inpost Artspace is pleased to announce the upcoming Albuquerque to Ukraine Benefit Exhibition.

The war in Ukraine has killed thousands, injured countless more, and displaced millions (mostly women and children). Albuquerque to Ukraine is an effort to support and build the local and global community. While cultivating community connections, this exhibition also seeks to demonstrate the potential of art to contribute to tangible change. Several works relate directly to the conflict and express a sense of resistance, disgust, and hope. Participating artists include Ellen Babcock, Rita Bard, Matthew Bollinger, Ivan Boyd, Tom Brown, Claire Coté, Chris Easley, Lindsey Fromm, Jonathan Hartshorn, Mark Horst, Julianna Kirwin, and Tim Reed.

Over 20 works will be available for sale ranging in price from $78 – $800. Each sale of artwork will be split 50% (or more if the artist chooses) between the artist and the non-profit aid organization, Direct Relief. Works will also be available for purchase at our an online shop.

Direct Relief is a humanitarian aid organization active in the United States and 80 countries around the world and has operated continuously since 1948. Direct Relief is working with Ukraine’s Ministry of Health and other groups in the region to provide requested medical aid—from oxygen concentrators to critical care medicines—while preparing to offer longer-term assistance to people displaced or affected by the war. 100% of all donations for specific emergencies are devoted entirely to those responses.

Today, Monday, January 17, 2022: Honoring MLK; + Winter Session Classes Begin!

Today, Monday, January 17, 2022, we honor the great leader and inspiring humanitarian, Martin Luther King, who, as it turns out, had a knack for improvisation . . . and listening! He would have fit in well at the Outpost! So, we wanted to share with you a wonderful piece that came out on CNN in January 2020 that highlights the value of improvisation and listening, just through a different lens …

The One thing about Martin Luther King Jr.’s greatness everyone keeps missing
By John Blake, CNN, Mon January 20, 2020

(CNN) The Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. was barreling toward the climax of his greatest speech when he made a split-second decision that would seal his place in history.  Most people recall what the cameras caught: King declaring “I have a dream!” before 250,000 jubilant supporters at the March on Washington during a muggy, sun-splashed summer day. But there was one crucial exchange that the cameras didn’t catch.

King had planned to cap his speech by exhorting people “to go back to our communities as members of the international association for the advancement of creative dissatisfaction.” Yet he hesitated when he got to that line in the speech because it just didn’t feel right.

And then he heard a voice from behind him. It was the great gospel singer Mahalia Jackson, who was sitting nearby.  “Tell them about the dream, Martin! Tell them about the dream,” she shouted.

We know what happened next. King launched into his classic, “I have a Dream” closing. That ad-libbed moment is often cited by historians as an example of King’s improvisatory genius as an orator.  But it also reveals something else about King’s genius: His ability to listen.

Calling King a great listener isn’t the typical praise that people shower on him as the country celebrates the holiday in his honor. Instead, commentators invoke images of King as a solitary hero behind a podium, delivering speech after speech that changed history.  Yet many of the most pivotal moments in King’s life weren’t planned. They only came after he listened to the prodding and encouragement of others . . .

And here’s hoping The Dream becomes a reality!

Meanwhile, Outpost Winter Session Classes Begin Today! There’s still space in some classes!

Ambos Lados – a print exchange between artists on both sides of the US Mexico border.

Inpost Artspace Reception

Saturday, February 5th, 5-7pm

(Exhibition Dates: January 24- April 29, 2022)

 Curated by Chandler Wigton and Lacey Chrisco, Ambos Lados is an exhibition of 158 prints from artists in 6 countries, primarily Mexico and the United States, including 18 artists from New Mexico and several Albuquerque artists.

Ambos Lados, which translates as “both sides” in Spanish emerged out of a print exchange organized on both sides of the border by Manuel Guerra, Director of Horned Toad Prints in El Paso and Adrian Aguirre and Beatriz Rivas of Taller Gráfica Libre in Zaachila, Oaxaca. The prints and larger project emphasize the unity of artists and peoples across the political border of the United States and Mexico.  While there was no set theme for the exchange, many of the works explore political and social issues, specifically the border, while others are contemplative, humorous, or abstract. The print exchange, organized in 2018, was unjuried and open to anyone who wished to participate, the only rule for the exchange was a uniform print size. The prints included in the show utilize a range of printing techniques including lithographs, serigraphs, relief, and intaglio. Egalitarian in nature, the project connected artists from a range of professional, ethnic, and geographic backgrounds and the exhibition puts these perspectives in conversation. The prints emphasize how artistic expression is a unifying force across different kinds of borders and divides.

An accompanying catalog will be available for purchase at the Outpost or on amazon.

Outpost’s Annual Year-End Fundraiser~Season’s Pleadings~Continues! We/You Are Doing Great, But Keep Those Donations Coming So We Can Reach Our Goal! + Tickets for Joey DeFrancesco Trio in February Now On Sale!

We are happy to report that THANKS TO YOU, Outpost’s Year End Fundraising Appeal ~Season’s Pleadings is going great! We have a little ways to go to reach our goal yet though, so please keep those donations coming so that we can continue to bring you the best in jazz, folk & roots, global and experimental music, educational opportunities, art exhibits and more throughout the year!  Season’s Pleadings is our most important fundraising appeal each year, when your 100% tax deductible donations make all the difference! Help us start 2022 (such a nice round number!) stronger than ever!  MAKE A DONATION ONLINE TODAY ! OR Send in a check to Outpost Productions, PO Box 4543, ABQ, NM 87196. ANY time you are able to give is greatly appreciated!  TOGETHER we can KEEP OUTPOST SWINGIN’!

Meanwhile, we are putting together an exciting Spring 2022 Season, including five-time Grammy nominee, master jazz organist, Joey DeFrancesco, Friday, February 25 & Saturday, Feb 26 at Outpost; Omar Sosa w. Seckou Keita, April 21; Dave Grusin-Lee Ritenour Group at the Lensic, April 23 (A New Mexico Jazz festival event), and Dave Grusin at Outpost, April 24; and much more! Plus our Jazz & Latin Music classes will start up again on January 17! Stay tuned for more details on everything!

Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas and Good Health To All!

Happy Thanksgiving To All! Django Festival Allstars, George Cables Trio & Bob Fox Sextet Livestreams Available Through Friday, Nov. 26!

Wishing everyone a very happy, healthy and enjoyable Thanksgiving weekend! And just a reminder that the Django Festival Allstars, George Cables Trio and Bob Fox Sextet livestreams are all available on the Outpost website through this Friday, November 26! Don’t miss out! Donations for the livestreams are truly appreciated!  It’s your support that helps make them possible!

Coming in December: Outpost is happy to be a supporter of the 3x-time Grammy Award winning salsa and Latin jazz band,  Spanish Harlem Orchestra at the National Hispanic Cultural Center on December 5! Last heard at the 2018 New Mexico Jazz Festival, this exciting ensemble sets the gold standard for excellence in authentic, New York style salsa and Latin jazz! Get your tickets here! Then, it’s a special holiday concert with jazz, R&B, hip hop crooner, José James: Merry Christmas from José James, December 9! 

Looking forward to sharing all the great music with you live and on the stream!

~ ~ ~

OUTPOST COVID SAFETY REQUIREMENTS:  Beginning October 1, Outpost will require proof of full vaccination (completed 14 days before concert)  for everyone (audience, staff) over the age of 12 for entry to Outpost. For those not vaccinated, a negative test result from a rapid Covid test taken within 6 hours of showtime or a PCR Covid test taken within 48 hours of showtime will be accepted. Masks are required.  Please make sure to bring your proof of vaccination card or proof of negative test to show at the door when you arrive. Please also take note of special Covid Safety regulations for other venues when purchasing tickets for concerts at those venues.



Pat Metheny Side-Eye at NHCC Tonight, Wed, Oct. 6! Please Note: This Concert Requires Proof of Full Vaccination or Proof of Negative Test Within 48 Hours of Concert.

We are excited to be presenting Pat Metheny Side-Eye at the National Hispanic Cultural Center, tonight, Wednesday, October 6, 7:30pm! (A NM Jazz Festival event). Please note that this concert requires proof of full vaccination (at least two weeks after final dose) or proof of a negative Covid test within 48 hours of the concert.

Then, coming up at the Outpost next week, it’s another New Mexico Jazz Festival event – Jamie Baum Septet+ (10/14); followed byEntourage Jazz CD Release (10/16 & 17); Jane Bunnett & Maqueque (10/21); and Cleo Trio + Dogbone (10/28); Then, November kicks off with An Evening with Branford Marsalis at the Lensic, Nov. 1 (a New Mexico Jazz Festival event); & more! Tickets and info on our Schedule Page!

PLEASE NOTE: ALL ACTS ARE VERY MUCH SUBJECT TO CHANGE DUE TO HEALTH AND SAFETY CONCERNS AND MORE. Stay Tuned to our Schedule Page for changes and additions and more info coming soon.

Beginning October 1, Outpost will require proof of full vaccination (completed 14 days before concert)  for everyone (audience, staff) over the age of 12 for entry to Outpost. For those not vaccinated, a negative test result from a rapid Covid test taken within 6 hours of showtime or a PCR Covid test taken within 48 hours of showtime will be accepted. Masks are required.

Please also take note of special Covid Safety regulations at The Lensic Performing Arts Center and NHCC when purchasing tickets for concerts at those venues.



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