P R I N T // M A K E :: UNM Printmakers Exchange Portfolio

Reception: Sunday, April 30, 4 – 6pm

P R I N T // M A K E features original artwork by University of New Mexico printmakers who use traditional processes such as woodcut, lithography, etching, and serigraphy. The exhibition coincides with Arts Unexpected and a new, student-led Printmaking Symposium — a series of events celebrating Printmaking at the University, including archive tours at the Center for Southwest Research, UNM Art Museum, and Tamarind Institute, as well as live demonstrations at the Graduate Art Annex. The collection displays the breadth of editions the artists printed for the exchange.

Exhibition Dates: April 18- May 20, 2017

Gabriel Aro
Richard Barnes
Noel Begay
Katelyn Bladel
Diana Cervantes
Kate Coucke
Jose Delgado
Emma Difani
Jamie Durham
Margaret Farrell
Jessie Furr
Jeremiah Heller
Chaney Howe
Kyle King
Cedar Kirwin
Jessica Marie Gross
Liz Melnyczuk
Hollis Moore
Amanda Morris
Mitchell Olson
Marcos Polac
Abigail Preston
Babak Shasiah
Ben Shoenberg
Kacie Erin Smith
Isaac Trujillo
Kelly Watson

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