Inpost Artspace Reception: Hiraeth: Katelyn Bladel and Eugene Ellenberg

Friday October 2, 5-7pm

During September and October, the Inpost Artspace will present the work of Katelyn Bladel and Eugene Ellenberg, both MFA candidates at the University of New Mexico. Originally from Minnesota, Bladel’s current work leads her to rural, abandoned homes in search of fragments of what once was. Across county lines and after days spent on the road, her documentation and experience of these spaces are recontextualized through various media to create a narrative and instill value in these homes once again. Ellenberg, a native to South Carolina, uses image-based media to explore obstacles of intimacy as experienced throughout the human condition. His own fears, failure and wonder inform a creative inquiry into private and communal spaces to unveil vulnerabilities, address hesitations and encourage curiosities. The universal themes examined by both artists serve as quiet reminders of places we cannot return to, experiences imagined and yearnings unfulfilled.

Exhibition Dates: September 4-November 1

The Outpost