Jazz At Half Moments:

Some Jazz Photographs by Mark Weber

Mark Weber is a writer who sometimes takes pictures. Trained in photography under Jeff Cole at Upland High School, (40 miles east of L.A.) he covered the Los Angeles jazz scene for CODA from 1976-1986 (and thereafter from other locales around the U.S.). He has been the Thursday jazz host on KUNM for seventeen years. His deposit of 10,000+ photos and hundreds of interviews are at UCLA in the “Mark Weber Archive of Blues & Jazz” collection. See his website JAZZ FOR MOSTLY for essays and photos. Technical support and enthusiasm for this show provided by Cal Haines and Janet Simon. Describing the photographs for this show, Mark says, “It seems like something that has always been here, but it hasn’t, it resides in the future and we only glimpse it’s full meaning in fleeting intervals, a coiled arpeggiated chord, a horn like the distant freight train across town, a saxophonist passing through whose name you didn’t catch, played the jazz that relaxed the clock, set time down for a little talk, not so important except it is good to anticipate the eventuality….”

Exhibition Dates: July 5 – August 30, 2013 | Opening Reception: Sunday, July 14th, 2013 (4-6pm)

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