Music Together Family Classes – FALL 2020 – Online & In Person Outdoors

presented by the Harmonic Kids Center of ABQ

Since Outpost is not currently open for in person classes, Music Together classes are being offered this fall online as well as in person at various outdoor locations in Albuquerque and Santa Fe. Classes Begin September 10. See Schedule Below:

Music Together Family Classes (for ages 0-5) IN PERSON OUTDOORS
Fall Semester Begins September 14, 2020 (8 weeks)

4 locations in Albuquerque, 1 in the East Mountains, and 1 location in Santa Fe (see below)
COST: Albuquerque locations: 1st Child: $189 + tax; Siblings (age 10 mos- 5 yrs), $40 + tax. Siblings (age 0-9 mos or 6 yrs+) are FREE. East Mountain and Santa Fe locations: 1st Child: $199 + tax; Siblings (age 10 mos- 5 yrs): $40 + tax; Siblings (age 0-9 mos or 6 yrs+) are FREE.

Music Together Family Classes (for ages 0-5) ONLINE
Fall Semester Begins September 13, 2020 (10 weeks)

When you register, you will receive a link for the interactive online classes
COST: 1st Child: $179 + tax; Siblings (age 10 mos- 5 yrs), $20 + tax. Siblings (age 0-9 mos or 6 yrs+) are FREE.

Music Together ® Program: A pioneer in early childhood music and movement education, Music Together offers classes for children from birth through kindergarten, in which parents and caregivers actively participate. All children are sounders and movers, and their natural aptitude for music blossoms in a sufficiently rich music environment. In fact, when given a supportive music environment, children learn to sing and dance as naturally as they learn to walk and talk. Children learn differently than adults. They learn instinctively and constantly. They teach themselves through imitation and play, through being immersed in their environment, and through every interaction with adults and older children. The family-like setting of Music Together’s mixed-age classes enables siblings to attend together, creating an ideal learning environment where infants, toddlers, and preschoolers can freely participate at their own levels.

Families receive a beautifully illustrated songbook each semester along with a CD, access code for the digital download and the “Hello Everybody” app.

Rhythm Kids (for ages 4-8)
Fall Semester Beginning September 10, 2020 (10 weeks) Online
COST: 1st Child: $195 + tax; Siblings $20 + tax.

Designed specifically for pre-K and early elementary students, Rhythm Kids classes were created for the older kids. After Music Together classes and before a child is ready for private lessons, Rhythm Kids is the next step in a child’s musical development. Students learn to create and think like a musician as they build musical connections to the global community. In each weekly music class, we drum, sing, move, and play to rhythms inspired by musical traditions around the world. Classes include immersion in the musical language of many cultures; playful music games with rules; opportunities to lead balanced with opportunities to collaborate; deep exposure to complex, fun, and rockin’ music; many chances to solo, improvise, and work in ensembles; and creative experimentation and expression; improvisation, and innovation.

Canta y Baila Conmigo (for ages 0-5)
Fall Semester Beginning September 16, 2020 (9 weeks) ONLINE
COST: 1st Child: $175 + tax; Siblings (ages 10 mos- 5 yrs) $20 + tax; Siblings (ages 0-9 mos or 6 yrs+) FREE

Canta y Baila Conmigo® is a Spanish language and culture program with dual, complementary goals of music development and Spanish acquisition. It is both a music class in Spanish and a family language immersion experience.  The structured immersion model introduces Spanish the way a child learns any language: through play and meaningful interactions with the adults they love. Learning happens naturally within an authentic, culturally rich musical experience. The classes come with their own songbook, CD and digital downloads, plus access to high quality modules created by the program’s original founder, Maddie Welch, originally from Puerto Rico.

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