Mark Your Calendars for the CD/Vinyl/Book Fair To Benefit Outpost on Nov. 17- So Much Great Stuff To Buy!

We are getting excited about our CD/VINYL/MUSIC BOOK FAIR COMING UP ON NOVEMBER 17 – AND IT’S ALL TO BENEFIT OUTPOST! We have received so much great stuff from all you record/CD/music book collectors out there, and our coordinators of this event, Tom Dodson and Mark Weber are doing a fantastic job of sifting through it all, and reviewing and organizing all the materials for what is surely going to be an amazing day of shopping for your favorite vinyl records, CDs, music books, and sheet music with thousands of items covering a wide range of musical genres!

Remember, this is a fundraising event, so it will only be successful if you all come and buy something! And there will be plenty to buy – all at great deals! You might find that John Coltrane recording you always wanted, or maybe those late Beethoven string quartets, or an obscure Nashville country recording, or even Britney Spears! OR how about a biography of Duke Ellington or Igor Stravinsky? Even if you purchase just one CD or record or book, every dollar will make a difference and your participation and support will be much appreciated!

And how about this special deal: Sign up to become a NEW Outpost Member prior to November 17, and receive a $20 voucher for use at this CD/Vinyl/Book Fair! How cool is that?

Click here for more details or call us at 505-268-0044!

We look forward to seeing you for this new and exciting Outpost Benefit event!

The Outpost