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What a start! The Spring 2015 season kicked off with an unprecedented 5 shows sold out— Sheila Jordan, Lee Konitz, Vijay Iyer, Branford Marsalis (so much for the old "jazz is dead" cliché, right?) plus the Poetry Slam Finals and more to come. How exciting. Go Burque! And even better than the fact that we sold out is the quality and breadth of those shows. Terrific! It's what makes Outpost happen. It's what makes all the performers exclaim what a fantastic audience we have here. That and all the fantastic support—financial and otherwise— is what it's all about. Like the amazing amount of volunteer time donated to us. This spring we had more brand new volunteers than ever. We love that. And then there's our all-volunteer Board of Directors. It's always changing as people join and others end their terms of service.So we welcome Linda Weil to the Board while saying goodbye and thank you to those who have moved on. The latter includes Larry Wells and someone without whom we would not be where we are today were it not for his dedicated support for so many years, Bumblebee Bob Weil who is happily spending more time in his new home in Merida, Mexico where he is purportedly retiring (I say, "purportedly" because the last time he "retired" he opened 4 restaurants in Santa Fe and Albuquerque. So look out, Merida!). Bumblebee (along with BJ and the rest of his family Including his daughter Linda who has recently joined the Board), has given so much to this organization that it's almost ridiculous to even start. But every time you sit in those comfortable chairs at The Outpost (you remember he metal folding chairs of years past?) you can thank Bumblebee. And in fact, every time you walk into the Performance Space, now named Weil Hall, you can thank the Weil Family whose generosity along with that of others, made Outpost's purchase of the building in 2011 possible. Thank you Bumblebee! Read More »

Education Spotlight


All classes are taught by the Outpost team comprising saxophonist, Kanoa Kaluhiwa; drummer, Sharon Eldridge; trumpeter, Paul Gonzales; and our most recent addition to the teaching staff, César Bauvallet. We aim to build positive attitudes, trust, teamwork, cooperation, confidence, compassion, and a sense of humor, everything you could ever want from music. Both Youth and Adults will perform a recital for family and friends at the end of their second session. It is expected that students will have their own instruments to bring to class. Outpost will provide a piano, a drumset, and guitar & bass amplifiers. Read More »