Outpost Covid Relief Fund Autumn Appeal In Full Swing & We’re Doing Good Thanks To YOU! Together We Can Make It Through!

Hello Friends,

We hope you are staying safe and doing well. We miss you and we miss the intimate shared listening environment that the Outpost Performance Space provides. All of us here at Outpost look forward to gathering with you again as soon as it is safe to re- open!

In the meantime, we are doing all we can to keep Outpost strong until we can open our doors again, including applying for all the Covid-19 relief grants and programs we can, continuing our membership and fundraising efforts, offering online classes and more; all while staying hopeful …and safe!

And now, it’s that time again – time for our Annual Autumn Appeal— or this year, our COVID-19 RELIEF FUND AUTUMN APPEAL. As many of you already know, we recently initiated the Outpost Covid-19 Relief Fund Campaign with a generous kick off gift of $35,000 (to pay the Outpost mortgage for a year!). We have since received donations amounting to more than $30,000!  If you are one of the many generous individuals who have already given to the Outpost Covid-19 Relief Fund Campaign, we thank you! Please understand that our repeated appeals in no way diminish the deep appreciation we feel for all that you have done to date. You have been so very generous and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts! But truly, this is the only way we can keep going through this crisis. If you are able to give again now for our COVID-19 RELIEF FUND AUTUMN APPEAL, we can’t tell you enough how grateful we are!

We know that not every one of you can give to each and every one of our “asks,” but if you can make a 100% tax-deductible gift today to our COVID-19 RELIEF FUND AUTUMN APPEAL, it would make all the difference! Your support helps to keep the Outpost heart beating during these difficult times (keeping the lights on; paying insurance and mortgage; paying our staff and teachers who are keeping us all connected, and so on) so that we are strong when we get to the other side!

We truly appreciate your understanding of the reality of our situation, and more importantly, your faith in us! WITH YOUR SUPPORT OUTPOST WILL MAKE IT THROUGH— WE CAN DO IT…TOGETHER! Simply go to our Support Page Here to make a donation, or if you’d prefer, you can also send a check payable to Outpost Productions, Inc., to Outpost Performance Space, PO Box 4543, ABQ, NM.

Thank you in advance for your love and support and stay safe out there!

The Outpost