Surface City: Jazmyn Crosby and Tamara Zibners

Opening Reception: Sunday, March 6, 4 – 6 pm

Surface City showcases works by Albuquerque artists Tamara Zibners and Jazmyn Crosby, who represent the streets of Albuquerque and power of the surface in distinct ways. Through a transfer process, Zibners removes the photograph from its paper support, stretching and reshaping the emulsion, teasing it to a point between crumpled detritus and precious object. Crosby builds up relief prints through the tread marks of relentless automobile traffic, also asking us to question the delicacy and specificity of the image. Reflecting a curiosity about their surroundings, the artists present us with the tension between the crudeness of the images’ provenance and the resultant works of monumental, and surprising, beauty.

Exhibition Dates: March 1 – April 30

The Outpost